How likely is your landscaping business to be found on Google?

why focus on landscaping seo?

Landscaping SEO is an incredibly valuable skill that serves as the engine for the growth of your business. It’s not rocket science, but landscaping SEO can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. This page covers the most important aspects.

If you follow even one aspect of this landscaping SEO framework, you will get more qualified leads.

If you have any questions on landscaping SEO, or want some help from the experts, contact us.

97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.

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Almost half of Google searches are for local information, and 90% of them will pick a business on the first page.

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That makes landscaping SEO extremely valuable.

Source: SEO Tribunal

Our landscaping
seo process

SEO Analytics

Before starting, it's critical to check your analytics setup. Are your incoming phone calls and form submissions set as conversions? Are lead sources correctly tracked? This helps us achieve a baseline for future improvements.

SEO Audit

After analytics are squared away, we determine where your current landscaping SEO efforts are falling short. This creates a game plan for areas to focus on.

Content Strategy

Many landscaping SEO companies will ask you to write content that generates clicks, not customers. We analyze which pieces of content are generating leads, and help you improve the content that isn't.

Google My Business

Having a complete Google My Business account will give you a leg up in landscaping SEO. We'll ensure each component of your account is continually maximized such that your business dominates local listings.

On Page & Technical Optimization

Your landscaping SEO strategy will fail without proper on-page and technical optimization. In short, you need to make it easy for Google to find everything you offer, and quickly.

Local Citations

Google trusts your business more when its information is consistent all across the web. Landscaping SEO starts by auditing your existing listings and meticulously updating them.

Landscaping SEO Audit

Every landscaping SEO effort is different. It’s important that the strategy we implement is catered to your needs.

We start by performing a comprehensive review of your existing web properties and information. Have you implemented SSL? Are your pages optimized for mobile devices? How long do your pages take to load? How many backlinks do you have and are they reputable? Have you maximized your Google My Business listing? Etc etc…

From this audit, we will create your Landscaping SEO Implementation Plan, outlining the work that needs to be done to help you reach the first page.

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Landscaping SEO Analytics

Good landscaping SEO comes down to give users the content they are looking for. Since we’re not sitting in front of them as they are using our website, analytics are the next best thing.

It’s a little creepy, but you should be monitoring every action every visitor to your site takes. This should happen on Google Analytics and Facebook at a minimum.

To measure performance improvements, we’ll ensure all of your events and goals are properly tracked. Phone calls and form submissions are obvious choices.

Less obvious ones include heat mapping and visitor recording. These help you visualize how users are engaging with your site, and what changes we need to make to help them find what they’re looking for (and ultimately turn into sales).

Additionally, we can set up events for people who watched 90% of one of your videos, or people who completed 75% of your form but became distracted and left before submitting it.

Analytics includes more than just what happens once someone visits your site. It also helps us understand how people are currently finding you.

We’ll use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to determine what search terms people are using to find you, and which pages they are landing on. We can see our average site ranking on a query or page level.

Finally, we’ll be able to see other ways people are finding you online. Are you getting many referrals from Yelp? What percentage of them convert into leads?

Having rock solid analytics is essential to every landscaping SEO strategy.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business page can generate as much if not more traffic than traditional landscaping SEO.

This number will only grow – Google has shared that “[l]ocation-related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than mobile searches in general.”

Google pushes the “map pack” (the ~3 businesses that show up with a map above the regular search results) for location-related searches.

Map pack SEO is completely different than normal SEO, and heavily dependent on your Google My Business listing.

We have optimizing Google My Business profiles down to a science. For many contractors, this is their dark-horse landscaping SEO strategy.

Local Citations

Citations are the second pillar of local landscaping SEO. Essentially, local citations are your business information listed on various websites. For Google to consider your company as legitimate, it’s critical that this information is exactly the same all over the web.

This is especially important if you have ever changed your phone number, moved, or altered your business name. In those cases, it’s likely that some sources have your old information.

When this happens, Google will think to itself, I’m getting conflicting information from these guys, I’m not sure they’re trustworthy. You get pushed down the rankings as a result.

To combat that, we meticulously audit and update your local citations across the web. Your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are most important, but we get everything in line.

This is how we propel your business to the top of the map pack.

Content Strategy

The best landscaping SEO efforts include content optimization. It’s not enough to just write. You need to have your blog posts, pictures, and videos properly structured so that Google can find you.

As part of our landscaping SEO services, we review all your existing content and modify them to maximize your chances of ranking. This includes updating keyword densities, title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, geo-encoding, and many other optimization strategies.

Additionally, we advise you on whether your existing content plan will bring you customers. Many landscapers are busy writing content that will rank them for terms like “ficus hedge”, rather than creating content that will rank them for “landscapers near me.” We know exactly how to do this, and implement your landscaping SEO plan accordingly.

On Page & Technical Optimization

All your other landscaping SEO efforts will be for naught if people “bounce” off your website because it loads too slowly.

Google has shown that 53% of site visitors leave if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Google is in the business of connecting people with information. If people bounce, Google infers that they’re not happy with the results they were given. That makes Google unhappy, which means they’ll show your website less often in the future. Bad news for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once we’ve implemented all the other landscaping SEO strategies, you’ll be receiving more traffic to your site.

It’s important that we convert this traffic into leads and phone calls. We do that by implementing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) best practices. We make your calls to action clear, your site easier to navigate, your language precise and compelling.

We do this methodically, creating “split-tests” where we measure the impact our changes have had on your goal conversions, systematically driving up the percentage of visitors that become leads.

Your Landscaping SEO Strategy

Now you know exactly what to do to set up your landscaping SEO strategy. For help implementing it, contact us.

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