Landscaping Reviews – The Key to a Successful Landscaping Business

Want to build a successful landscaping business? Get more 5 star reviews. This article will show you why you need landscaping reviews, and how to get them.

Reviews Help Homeowners Choose Among Landscapers

It’s 2020 and everyone is tired all the time. Part of the reason: we’re inundated by choices. Let’s say you want to buy some hangers online. There are over 9,000 options on Amazon. How the hell do you know which one to go with?

Search Engine Results Page for "hangers" on Amazon


Reviews, of course.

When presented with multiple options, consumers rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions. It’s a mental shortcut we use that helps us save our energy for more important tasks.

On Amazon, good reviews have become table stakes. For most people, they won’t consider anything rated under 4 stars, and there are plenty of options above that threshold.

For landscapers, reviews aren’t quite as mature.

Chicago Landscapers Reviews on Local Maps

In the “map pack” at the top of organic search results, only one landscaping company has positive Google reviews.

Imagine you’re a homeowner looking for a landscaper in Chicago. Whom would you call?

Homeowners Look for Landscaper Reviews

The above is obvious for homeowners presented with a few options. But do homeowners actually seek out reviews when making purchasing decisions?

The answer is a resounding yes – 97% of consumers consult reviews before purchasing.

graphic highlighting percentage of people who consult reviews before purchasing

That means at best, if you don’t have many reviews, you’re getting ignored by 97% of people

At worst, if you have several bad reviews, those people are actively avoiding your company.

Google Values Reviews

On top of that, Google rewards landscapers who have good reviews.

Excerpted directly from Google, “High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location.”

If you believe your prospects are using the internet to look for landscapers (and here’s some data to support that fact if you don’t believe it), then you need reviews in order to show up.

Landscaping Review Platforms

There are almost too many review platforms for landscapers. Our advice is to get over 100 high-quality reviews on the main ones, and have at least a few 5 star reviews on the smaller sites.

Main Review Platforms

  • Google
  • Yelp

Secondary Review Platforms

  • HomeAdvisor
  • Houzz
  • Thumbtack
  • Angie’s List

How to Get More Landscaping Reviews and Grow Your Business

If you leave people to their own devices, they don’t usually leave a review unless they’ve had a bad experience.

That means that landscapers need to be asking for reviews much more frequently.

There are several ways you can do this, with varying levels of sophistication. Tools like Revetize make it easy for homeowners to give you positive feedback, while directing negative feedback to a customer service rep who can help fix things.

Example of positive feedback that can lead to a review
Example of positive feedback that can lead to a review
Example of a negative experience that can be corrected internally
Example of negative feedback that can be corrected internally

Hire Us and Get More Landscaping Reviews

If all this seems like too much work, hire us! For less than the cost of an intern, you’ll get two experts in landscaping review generation. Schedule a free strategy session via our booking link or call/text us at (412) 376-5399 today.

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