Landscaping Ads

Quickly attract landscaping leads actively searching for your services

Why Consider Landscaping Ads?

Most landscapers are old school. They know what works – word-of-mouth, referrals, and repeat business – and stick to it.

However, that doesn’t match with how many of today’s homeowners choose a landscaping company.

For them, your landscaping business is more credible if it’s at the top of Google.

In a way, this is unfortunate. The quality of your landscaping work is not directly tied to the quality of your marketing.

That’s the perception, however, and it will only get more extreme.

Thankfully, many other landscapers are old school and if you prepare yourself now, you can vault ahead of your competition.

The Benefits of Landscaping Ads

Landscaping ads work well for several reasons.

Landscaping ads work great for people ready to buy

⅔ of “commercial intent” clicks go to Google Ads. Put another way, when people are looking for goods and services, they usually click on the ads.

You can quickly build campaigns and attract landscaping leads

The barrier to entry for landscaping ads is super low. You can create a campaign in Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest relatively easily.

Landscaping ads allow you to target high-value clientele

Demographic and keyword targeting allow you to bring in the most valuable landscaping customers.
Are there specific zip codes that typically go for higher value jobs? Do your best customers use different terminology when deciding on an installation?

Landscaping ads allow you to cater to these bigger spenders, maximizing your profits.

You can easily measure your return on investment with landscaping ads

Using tools like Google Analytics and CallRail, you can track exactly where your leads (form submissions and phone calls) are coming from, and what your landscaping ads ROI is.

Landscaping ads help convert more website visitors into leads

Oftentimes, homeowners will visit your website wanting landscaping services, but get distracted by dinner or kids, etc…

Landscaping ads allow you to “retarget” these people across the internet, reminding them of your business at a time where they’re more ready to move forward.

Landscaping ads allow you to focus on different areas of your business at different times

Are there times of year when you want to focus on paving? Maybe during the early spring you want to hit landscape design prospects hard?

Landscaping ads allow you to be nimble in your targeting efforts. You can quickly raise or lower the budget for specific parts of your business, predictably increasing your landscaping leads.

Landscaping ads allow you to rapidly test and iterate your brand messaging

Is your call-to-action as strong as it could be? Is there a different way you could phrase your services to entice more homeowners to buy?

Landscaping ads allow you to easily split-test words and images that resonate best with prospects, increasing your prospect to customer rate and overall ROI.

Use Wild Oak Media to Build Your Landscaping Ad Campaigns

At Wild Oak Media, we’re experts in creating and managing landscaping ad campaigns. Though landscaping ads can be a powerful growth engine for your business, you can also waste a ton of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For less than the cost of an intern, hire an expert and no longer worry about how to get more landscaping customers.

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