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Does SEO Still Work For Landscapers in 2020

SEO is the process of optimizing websites to be search engine friendly. SEO tasks include making sure you’re using the right keywords, on page optimization, creating content, and obtaining backlinks to your site from other relevant websites, and many more. There are also a wide range of skills and techniques required to perform SEO on a Landscaping website.

Why SEO Helps Your Landscaping Company

Having Good SEO on your website provides you with a competitive advantage. You’re able to attract new customers by showing up first on search engines. You get to put your message and service offerings in front of new leads before other Landscaping companies who haven’t done the work to make sure their site is SEO friendly.

Broader Reach, and Targeted Audience. Having your SEO strategy in place allows you to reach new customers who you may not have before, while targeting the audience that is most likely to buy your landscaping services.

Credibility is another way SEO can help your landscaping company. By showing up prominently on search engines and search results your company comes across as more trustworthy and credible. If a potential customer has to search on Google back pages to find you, you come across as less professional than your competitors who were easily accessible.

SEO provides measurable results. Efforts by your SEO professional will be tracked and measured to ensure you are getting the best results possible for your landscaping business.

SEO is there to increase your organic traffic. Or people who showed up on your site without clicking on a digital ad. According to Brightedge, 51% of all traffic coming to your website is organic. Traffic from digital ads is great, but you have to pay for each click, impression, or conversion. But SEO traffic, being organic, doesn’t cost you anything (aside from the original investment). No ad spend budgets to worry about.




SEO is an investment. Unlike digital advertising, SEO requires time to work. Everything your SEO provider is doing to make your site rank with search engines requires those search engines to notice and adjust accordingly.

Your SEO provider will know how to help that process along, but sometimes it takes a while. So, why wouldn’t you just use digital marketing and advertising to get your business seen? Because unlike Digital Advertising, SEO results last much longer.

A good SEO strategy keeps yielding a return on your investment long after the work is complete. Unlike digital marketing and advertising, which stops displaying your ads and offerings as soon as you stop paying the ad network (Google, Facebooks, Yelp, Etc.)

So how does this affect my business in 2020?

2020 has seen some big changes in how people work, relate to each other, and shop for services. More than ever your online presence needs to be up to par and a critical part of any online presence is making sure search engines can find your site, categorize it, and feed your content to the right audience.

Not to mention voice search being on the rise and mobile users being the majority of internet users, you need to start taking your online presence seriously and optimize it for the people who are looking for your landscaping services.

SEO has gotten more sophisticated over the years and now in 2020 is more about user internet and less about stuffing the right keywords into your content. This is good for your landscaping company. No longer will you be beaten by a competitor who just uses the word “landscaping” more than you. You will be rewarded for talking about your customers real problems and how you solve them.

Local SEO is also helping landscapers in 2020 by ensuring you show higher in results in your local market. Being beaten out by another landscaping company who doesn’t even operate in your area is a horrible feeling. Local SEO helps ensure you’re showing to your local community.


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A lot of people don’t like advertising and prefer to find providers organically. SEO is perfect for this. Bringing your landscaping company closer to the top result ensures it is seen by potential customers while not being viewed as “advertising”.

So you can see that while some traditional advertising methods are in decline and digital ads may not be right for everyone, SEO is here to stay. If you need help with your SEO strategy, contact Wild Oak Media today to see if we’re a good fit for your landscaping business.

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