Does SEO Still Work For Landscapers in 2020

SEO is the process of optimizing websites to be search engine friendly. SEO tasks include making sure you’re using the right keywords, on page optimization, creating content, and obtaining backlinks to your site from other relevant websites, and many more. There are also a wide range of skills and techniques required to perform SEO on … Read more

Google Search Ads, and Why Landscapers Should Be Using Them

What Are Google Search Ads If you use Google on a regular basis, then you’ve seen search ads, and probably interacted with them. Google Search Ads are text ads at the top of search results. These ads are triggered and show when a search matches the keywords the advertiser is bidding on. That’s an oversimplification, … Read more

Why Does My Landscaping Website Need To Be Fast?

If you’re wondering why your landscaping website needs to be fast, think about what it’s like for you to browse a site that loads slowly. How often do you hang around and wait for it to load? Does a long loading time make you want to do business with that company? If you answered “not … Read more

Setting Up Google My Business For Your Landscaping Company

Google My Business is a free way to list your business and create a profile on Google. It contains valuable information like your phone number, address, images of your business, videos, maps to find your location and gives happy clients a place to leave reviews. But before you can utilize Google My Business you have … Read more

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