Why You Should Stay Away from Thumbtack as a Landscaper

So you’ve heard of landscapers using Thumbtack to get customers, but you don’t know if it’s worth setting up? Spoiler alert: we think not. This article will detail why some landscapers are using Thumbtack, the downsides of the platform, and how to set it up should you decide not to heed our advice. Let’s dive … Read more

How to Get Landscaping Clients When the World Is Falling Apart

Empty tram with rain in the background

As a landscaper, this should be your busiest time of year. Unfortunately if you’re reading this, the pandemic has probably cut your business in half. How do you get more landscaping clients amidst this craziness? Read on to find out. Offense or Defense? One of the first things you need to decide is whether you’re … Read more

Landscaping Reviews – The Key to a Successful Landscaping Business

Want to build a successful landscaping business? Get more 5 star reviews. This article will show you why you need landscaping reviews, and how to get them. Reviews Help Homeowners Choose Among Landscapers It’s 2020 and everyone is tired all the time. Part of the reason: we’re inundated by choices. Let’s say you want to buy … Read more

The 6 Components of Top Landscaping Websites

Components of a Bicycle

Like it or not, your landscaping website often determines whether a homeowner chooses you or a competitor. Fortunately, most landscaping websites suck, which means you can dramatically increase your landscaping leads by making a few changes. Read on to learn how to turn your landscaping website into a lead generating asset (not just a bad … Read more

How to Write Strong SEO Copy for Landscaping

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You need to be intentional when writing SEO copy for your landscaping business. This post will show you what to cover and why. Steps to Writing Strong SEO Copy for Landscaping Companies Research Landscaping Keywords Your Customers Are Searching For It’s important to take a structured approach to keyword research. Too often, landscape companies just … Read more

The Best Landscape Marketing Strategies to Get High-End Customers

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Customer acquisition can make or break your landscaping business. Here are the best landscape marketing strategies to take your growth to the next level. Google Ads Google Ads are one of the quickest dials you can turn for lead generation. Empty schedule? Ramp up your ad spend. Full of appointments? Reduce instead. With Search Ads, … Read more

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